A Great Place to Eat!

Our Story

From the purity of the oil we use to the meats, breads, and vegetables we select, we are always thinking about your health. The Maria’s difference means we use non-GMO ingredients, offer ionized water, provide gluten free options, and buy organic whenever possible. We are continuously striving to bring you the best foods – those that taste good and are good for you.

We combine our love of cooking and passion for good food into each menu selection. We believe the best meals are those we share with family and friends. My sons and I would like to welcome you to the Maria’s family and invite you to experience the Maria’s Difference!

Gluten Free Options

We understand the importance of providing safe gluten free options for those with special dietary needs. We have a dedicated gluten free fryer, a separate prep and cook area for gluten free, and a strict allergen protocol. If you need gluten free, please ask your hostess for a gluten free menu and tell your server you need gluten free. All of your gluten free serving plates will come with a red sticker on them to indicate your meal has been specially prepared. We offer gluten free entrées and desserts on a daily basis and many of our daily soup selections are gluten free.

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